• Expert discretionary investment management.

  • Model-based management, or completely tailor-made.

  • The benefit of active decision making, to take advantage of evolving market situations.

  • Evaluation of bank and broker offerings.


  • Comprehensive investment counsel in real time.

  • Active risk management using state-of-the-art systems.

  • Portfolio optimization: Recommendation of advanced strategies to maximize profits, limit risk and reduce fees.

  • Evaluation of bank and broker offerings.



  • Assistance in opening accounts worldwide.

  • Portfolio consolidation, including real estate, private equity, and art.

  • Lowest-fee negotiation on your behalf.

  • Auditing of all bank and investment transactions.

  • Tailor-made reporting to your requirements.

  • Monitoring the regulation of accounts to ensure banks comply with your requirements.

  • Access to the leading investment research world-wide.

  • Liaison of tax and succession planning.